• Dimensions:
    443 x 636mm (internal) & 585 x 768mm (external)
  • Finishes:
    Pine or Western Red Cedar
  • Obscurity:
    Medium to High
  • Recommended for:
    Wall Air Conditioner Replacementds
  • Glass block:
    Clear, Acid Etched, Metallised, Coloured
  • Quantity:
    6 Blocks per kit

GBT 100 Series Flange

Thinking of removing that unsightly, rusty in-wall air conditioner but not sure what to do with the large hole it’s going to leave in the wall? If you’ve received a quote to brick up the hole, you probably got a shock when you saw the price. Not only is it expensive and time consuming, the biggest problem is that it’s extremely hard to colour-match the existing bricks which results in an undesirable mis-matched finish. An Adelaide Glass Blocks Air Conditioner Replacement Kit is an excellent solution to transform the opening into a tidy and effective feature.  The system has been designed for the home handyman to achieve a striking addition in only a couple of hours with minimum tools and effort. For those that aren’t so handy, don’t worry, we also offer an installation service.

A wide selection of blocks gives you plenty of options. Whether you want to see the view or obscure it for privacy; or add a touch of personality through a range of colours or patterns.

Our Air Conditioning Replacement Kit offers you a cheaper, faster alternative to bricks. We can usually have a solution ready in just a couple of days. Add value, and security at a fraction of the cost. Give us a call to enquire today!


  • GBT Aluminium 100 series Flange Frame (White – Can be changed to match your existing window colour at an additional cost).
  • AGB Timber (Pine) or (Western Red Cedar – Additional cost) liner and architrave.
  • Standard Range Block (Can be changed to design or coloured blocks – Additional cost).
  • Silicone, Aluminium Stiffener Bar, Neoprene Spacers, Sill infill, Expansion Foam and install guide.

The end result is an attractive panel that lets in natural light, high thermal and acoustic qualities, security and doesn’t cost the earth!