The glass block continues to evolve thanks to Seves’ experience, coupled with research and development and a team of specialized technicians. It is now possible for customisation of the glass block, not only in shape, but also in its three-dimensionality and glass mass.

Seves, in collaboration with renowned architects such as Belen Moneo, Jeff Brock and Renzo Piano, has created customised glass blocks for projects such as the Hermès Building in Tokyo and the Tiberio Thermal Spa in Spain. Colour customisation can also be achieved, such as the cobalt blue block designed by Hansjörg Göritz for the Hannover train station.

These examples give a glimpse into the design possibilities which may be achieved with glass blocks in contemporary architecture and interior design.

VetroPieno from the Pegasus 3D collection, may be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room or as subtle design accents that add a touch of style and colour. Drawing inspiration from the traditional construction brick, Seves has transformed it […]

Angle blocks provide a unique solution for glass walls that require corners and curves with a 90 degree angle. The end result is a continuous wall of glass that bends and curve as desired. Available in 6 different colour shades, this block opens up a whole range of design possibilities using glass blocks

Often used in conjunction with curved blocks, terminal glass blocks finish off freestanding panels for a brilliant all glass affect. The terminal blocks are available in six different colours including blue, aquamarina, green, rose, sienna and nordica.

Created to eliminate the need for a glass block framing system, the curved blocks will complete the look of any freestanding panel. By eliminating a frame, the curved blocks give freestanding panels a continuous glass look to great effect. The curved blocks are also available in six different colours blue, aquamarina, green, rose, sienna and […]

With the Trapezoidal range, the glass block has overcome its final barrier, the constraint of shape. Designers Belen Moneo and Jeff Brock have let their imaginations run wild and conceived a new glass block. The two parallel surfaces of the 300x300mm block incline by 5 degrees giving it a thickness of 50mm on one side […]

This collection includes the Q42, the largest glass block in the world — 428x428x120mm and weighing 16 kg — the result of a collaboration with Renzo Piano for the Hermès Building, Tokyo. The Curve24 was also created to finish off the corners of the building. This iconic building is constructed with 13,000 self-supporting glass blocks. […]

A special glass block, designed by Rafael Moneo. Used in the library of the University of Deusto, Bilbao. A large block (300mmx300mm) with a three-dimensional motif applied to the external surface, based on the famous columns of the ancient Greek temples. The design is achieved with parallel grooves that protrude by 20mm. The block is […]