Glass blocks are not only used as window replacements and shower screens, they are an outstanding product for vertical and horizontal construction. Glass blocks have been used since the early 1900s in celebrated architecture such as the 1914 Glass Pavilion in Cologne, by Taut and the 1932 House of Glass in Paris, by Chareau and Bijvoet. In recent times, the large monochrome glass block surfaces designed by Renzo Piano (Maison Hermes, Tokyo 2001) and  Rafael Moneo (Deusto Library, Spain 2008) are but a couple of examples of the creativity of architects and the innovation of the glass block to meet the criteria of diverse projects around the world.

Have a look at our featured international projects with glass blocks. We hope they will inspire you to include glass blocks in your next design or construction.

The Hannover railway station designed by Hansjörg Göritz is an extraordinary example of elegance and functionality united in one architectural project. Created and presented at the Expo 2000 as part of a series of railway stations for the Expo-line which connects the airport to the exhibition headquarters. The Hannover station is animated by blue cobalt […]

The reception centre is located in the city for the purpose of hosting weddings and special functions.  The brief to the architects was that the building was energy efficient and low maintenance and gave the illusion of a tranquil oasis. The exterior of the building is constructed almost entirely with  translucent glass blocks with a […]

The primary objective for the Huyuu green tower was to achieve the maximum amount of natural light whilst providing privacy. The architects required diffused lighting which was achieved with the use of satin DO glass blocks which produce  a soft light without glare and at the same time provide privacy. The second objective was aesthetics. […]

The Tiberio Thermal Spa is situated in a green valley surrounded by the Spanish Pyrenees. The first thermal baths built in this natural paradise dates back to Roman times. Seves was asked by architects Belen Moneo and Jeff Brock to create a special glass block that would be in harmony with the natural landscape of […]

The reason for the project was to expand the university library with a quiet study area and create a modern office for university management. The building was designed with a central atrium where the social life of the university takes place. The objective was for the whole length of the space to be lit by […]