Glass block DIY kit

Aluminium frames

Our Ezylay frames are an Australian invention manufactured to Australian standards and exported around the world. The system allows for quick, easy installation of glass blocks. Blocks may be installed in curved and straight panels, as a feature within walls, around doors and as free-standing walls. The frame allows for expansion and contraction of the glass blocks and holds them firmly in place. The frame also protects the glass blocks from structural pressures created by movement of the building. Stock coloured frames are natural anodised, black, paperbark, primrose, white birch and white.

Other powdercoat colours, see below, are available for a fee.

cover_choosing colour for external residential powder coating_small_v0.2_150x210

Mortar, silicon, plastic spacers and stiffener bar

Made from durable polypropylene, our plastic spacers and connectors provide quick, easy installation and allow for consistent joint sizes. They provide both horizontal and vertical spacing. The connectors also hold the aluminium stiffener bar in position for maximum strength.