Adelaide Glass Blocks supplies a range of glass blocks suitable for paving and roofs. Glass block pavers are strong enough for vehicle and foot traffic. They meet all structural requirements including fire-rating, whilst allowing light to enter.

Available in various formats, finishes and designs, they are a stylish feature in applications such as stairs, balconies, floors and landings, as well as roofs, skylights and atriums in residential, industrial and commercial spaces

The photovoltaic collection is a quick, easy to install and low cost lighting alternative to outdoor electrical lighting. Photovoltaic glass block pavers come with a built-in solar panel to conserve energy during the day which powers low voltage LED lights throughout the night. The glass block pavers require no wiring or maintenance. For best results, […]

Combining functionality and design, glass block pavers provide high resistance to foot and vehicle traffic and excellent thermal insulation. They are superb features, illuminating dark spaces naturally by allowing light to pass from one level to the next.  Available in clear and satin finishes and concentric circle and dotted patterns. For more information please see […]

Fire resistant glass block pavers are an excellent structural material, providing high resistance to foot and vehicle traffic as well as thermal insulation. They allow light to pass from one level to the next making them perfect for warehouses, cellars, factories and any area requiring a natural light source from above. In addition to structural […]