Glass block walls are non load-bearing and require plumb and level vertical and horizontal support structures.  Our Ezylay aluminium frame is manufactured to suit  glass block sizes and achieves  a perfect fit within the surrounding structure. Expansion joints allow for changes in temperature and also  ensure that movement in the  surrounding structures and load forces are absorbed. Mortar should have a waterproof additive and should be a spreadable, relatively dry mix which adheres to the glass block. Plastic spaces are used to ensure even joints.

We supply silicone which is neutral-cure (non acidic) and mould resistant, specifically designed for glass block installation. Reinforcing rods must be used in mortar joints and two are placed horizontally in every second course. This provides additional strength to the panel. If installation is carried out by our experienced installers, workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years.

Below is a mortar and silicon installation guide as well as an instructional video from our Factory Manager Tyson on how to install and seal a small 2 x 3 glass block panel – perfect for those DIY toilet windows and laundry areas.

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