• Project:
    Tiberio Thermal Spa
  • Location:
    Panticosa, Spain
  • Architect:
    Moneo Brock Studio
  • Glass block:
    Trapeziodal with satin finish
  • Quantity:
    30,000 blocks

The Tiberio Thermal Spa is situated in a green valley surrounded by the Spanish Pyrenees. The first thermal baths built in this natural paradise dates back to Roman times. Seves was asked by architects Belen Moneo and Jeff Brock to create a special glass block that would be in harmony with the natural landscape of the nearby mountains. The 300x300mm trapezoidal block is designed with the two parallel faces inclined 5 degrees. The thickness on one side is 50mm, and on the other 100mm. The installation was completed by vertically laying one glass block on top of the other, matching the larger base of the top block with the smaller base of the underlying block. The building facade was designed to allow the fluid passage of natural light. The satin finish on the glass blocks diffuses the glare creating a calm interior filled with natural light.