• Project:
    University of Zlin
  • Location:
    Zlin, Czech Republic
  • Architect:
    Eva Jiřičná
  • Glass block:
    Wave (190x190x100mm)
  • Quantity:
    12,000 blocks

The reason for the project was to expand the university library with a quiet study area and create a modern office for university management. The building was designed with a central atrium where the social life of the university takes place.

The objective was for the whole length of the space to be lit by natural light. Also, that the library was separated from this area by fire-resistant and acoustic insulation materials.

Glass blocks satisfied all requirements –  light, fire-resistance and acoustic insulation. They were installed along the length of the four levels, interspersed with large red and yellow flat glass panels distributed randomly to create a dynamic, asymmetrical facade.

The result is an attractive, vibrant backdrop for the common central area and on the other side, a quiet study area with a relaxing atmosphere and a contemporary look.